Thursday, 2 August 2012

Dog Gone it!

Bad Hair Day literally!

Sometimes you just gotta break free! The last few months have been fantastically busy with work on new collections for galleries, exhibitions, workshops, demonstrations and book signing events. But there comes a time in my art studio life where I feel something bubbling up inside of me and I just have to move my brushes on paper for the sheer fun of it, laughing as I work allowing colour to form a subject that has no goal or purpose other than the freedom I feel when creating it.

I think as artists we can often become far too bogged down in an art world by influences around us where sales and recognition seem to become far too important which can be unhealthy for our creative souls.

So in my own way I have thrown all ideas of being serious completely out of the window, worked on this shaggy dog and now I can't stop smiling because it is staring at me from my easel. In fact it has created one huge giggle attack!

There is plenty of time in my life to paint seriously but oh boy, this felt as though I had a small rebellion all of my own!


Lifes' far too short to always be serious or even to always take yourself too seriously!



Melva said...

How great is he/she. I too have come over all giggly. The colours really suit this lovely dog......

Sharon said...

I am loving your beautiful shaggy dog. He puts a big smile on my face. I knew a dog just like this one years ago. When he would see me he would come running as he knew how much I loved him. What a great painting. Thanks for sharing it.Sharon

Melva said...

Your dog makes me all smiley too.He's just great. Love the colours you have used for him/her.