Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Meerkat Mania Continues

Meerkat " Sergei"

In UK there are TV adverts which have made meerkats even more popular. The entertatining series has seen one of the main characters " Sergei"   in many comical situations and these were discussed with much laughter during one of my workshops last week.

I love to have paintings on the go that are purely fun to work on as a distraction from my main exhibition pieces.These often lead to other new series of watercolours in their own right as ideas come to fruition,especially in compositions that work well.

My own main meerkat character, seen above, seems  to be eagerly looking at something and smiling in one of my  paintings. So I thought I would share him on my blog. When you paint subjects that make you smile it certainly helps set your mood for the day ahead of you.

Meerkats could be my next addiction as subjects to paint,time will tell!

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