Wednesday, 4 July 2012

One,Two, Three: Figures in Watercolour

Capturing Sunlight and Movement in Figures.

For a complete change I returned to a really old favourite subject of mine from years ago. I used to paint dancing figures when I lived in Dubai and from there became really excited about painting figures in sunlight from beaches and market places in wonderful hot climates.

This scene of local women will grow as more figures are added but I thought it would be fun and possibly inspiring to share the process.

Stage 1.
I start each figure with the face,head dress and then work downwards to the clothing and body. I always connect my second figure or third so they work together in harmony at this stage.

Stage 2.
In this second stage I am introducing the third figure by hints of the face and arm.

Stage 3
Next I strengthen colour in the first figures and gain a sense of movement in the skirts.

At the moment I have no idea how many figures are going to be in the scene. I am just enjoying it far too much to worry about the outcome!

There could be palm trees,market stalls,baskets on their heads,children by their sides.

The choice is mine!

Whatever happens  you can be sure vibrant colour will play a huge part in this painting.


If you have a copy of my new book "Atmospheric Watercolours" you may find the section on connections really interesting as this is how I create this kind of painting.

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Mike said...

Great blog post, Jean.
last weekend, Lacey and I ventured off to a bush farmer's market amongst the colourful gum trees, and I took a few discreet photos with intentions of attempting a market scene painting.
then along comes this very topical post of yours. i have your new book on back order, but it apparently will not be released in Oz until September? That's according to our local book shop.
Going to have to wait.
Having read the reviews, I know it will be well worth the wait.
great work as always, Jean.
Best regards from country new South Wales, Australia, from Mike and Lacey.