Tuesday, 10 July 2012


Mariner from my new book "Atmospheric watercolours"

People never cease to amaze me!

Usually I am so upbeat when I write as this is my natural personality. I love seeing the good in life I am never happier than when I am surrounded by friends and loved ones. When I meet other artists of all levels I see the positives in their work. If  my friends and colleagues succeed I am so happy for them.

But I couldn't help seeing a comparison over recent sporting events and the art world.

This weekend saw Andy Murray lose at Wimbledon. He had worked so hard to gain his  worthy place in the finals So much so that when he was beaten his speech to the crowd was made in tears due to the intense emotion he could not hide. This is a man who has been criticized in the past for never showing his emotions. And now the public are criticizing him because he has. Instead of the focus being on how much he has achieved and how brilliant he is as a player to even make the finals, talk has been mainly about his reaction to losing.

Before that we witnessed one of my favourite racehorses win in England. Black Caviar flew from Australia and won on unfamilar ground but was there excited feedback at her incredible number of wins and the fact that she did win?  No, the focus has been on how she won with so many negative comments on her performance.

Maybe it is people in general but why when someone does so well is it easy to knock them down? It is as if  people simply have to find the negative in others to make themselves feel happy.

Why do I compare this to the art world? I know several artists who have won prizes recently or who have had fantastic success in galleries or exhibitions. Instead of giving positive feedback the  "grumpies" in life have to find something to grumble about. They can't possibly celebrate someone elses' success no matter how small or well deserved it is.

If we were all colours from our palettes I would be a bright shiny yellow or vibrantly glowing orange. The grumpies would be shades of miserable grey .

So this is a very different post from me,

Please be a bright pigment and leave the negative shades to others!

Dull shades kill the life and spark in a painting and similarly dull attitudes don't exactly encourage success around you either!



Sergio DS said...

Really very atmospheric, nice.
Recently I post a watercolour, I hope you like it.

Capt Elaine Magliacane said...

Envy is a particularly ugly emotion. I used to show dogs in obedience competitions, my dogs and I did as well as we could given my talent and dedication as a trainer, I had friends that were nationally ranked, and I knew why, they worked WAY harder than I and my dogs were willing to work.. and knowing how hard they worked helped me NOT envy their success... and yet as you say Jean some people have so much envy in their hearts... but are unwilling to put forth the WORK needed to reach the top. In my art I have improved slow and steady and my progress is directly related to how often I put a brush to the paper, what good does it do me to ENVY artists who have been working at their art all their lives? I achieve the success I'm willing to work for... accepting my limits and understanding them... helps me to cheer on others more dedicated than I am.

Anne said...

I totally agree! Just colour me bright turquoise!

Mick Carney said...

Well said. It doesn't matter what walk of life we are in the negative individuals that you refer to do exist. The key, though not always easy, is to recognise it for what it is, a reflection of some lack or pain in the lives of the 'grump'. They make me thankful for the blessings that surround me.

Chips said...

So very very true - 'Kind words don't cost anything' a great person once said. I try to remember that.

ersi marina said...

I feel quite peachy pink right now, I'm right there with you!

Debbie Nolan said...

Jean - wouldn't life be so much sweeter for everyone if we focused on the good and not the bad. Fault seems to be the easiest thing to find. So glad for your success. Loved your foxgloves.

Connie in Alabama said...

A very successful and innovative man once told me that the envy of others means you're doing something right! However, when one is tender hearted and sincere in sharing the joy of their work, it is hard to ignore ugly comments. All I can tell you is that there are thousands of us out here who love your work, your enthusiasm, and are cheering you on.

aariho said...

I really agree with you. And so good that you say it! Your own attitude to the life is so nice, and should be followed by others.

aariho said...

I agree so much with you, and its so nice that you say it. Your attitude is so good, always look at the brightness and the positiv things in life.