Monday, 16 July 2012

Colour Me Happy

Old English Sheepdog Puppy

This is probably the wettest summer I can ever remember. The rain has been relentless. Day after day the skies have been grey here in England. Sunshine at times has seemed like a distant memory.

At times like these I work with my warmest of pigments like Cadmium Yellow or  my yummy Schmincke Transparent Orange. I place my focus on their glow and work towards allowing them to be the main accent colour in each of my paintings. Bringing  both strength and warmth to every new composition.

Or I will choose a subject that makes me smile like the lovable Old English Sheepdog puppy that sold in an exhibition a while ago.

These are my " Colour Me Happy" projects and they work. They do bring a smile to my face and leave me loving each brushstroke. From here I can move to more serious work easily  so that the emotions contained in each result are always positive.

Whatever is happening in your life whether its the weather or chaos from one of lifes storms I hope you too can find comfort in using the most beautiful of colours on subjects that can raise a smile.

Happy Painting!


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Mari Jose Molina said...

Very gook jo, original and fresh, congrat! cheers. :)