Thursday, 19 July 2012

Never Complain!

Carrying The Load
Watercolour Figure Study

I have been lucky enough to live in many countries and one thing that never escapes me is the human ability to constantly complain. 

" Its' too cold" , "its' too hot"  and "its' too wet" are common phrases used all over the world.

I must admit right now as I look out of my studio window at heavy rain, yet again, I remember not so long ago living in Dubai and yearning to see wet weather!

Where ever we are and what ever we are dealing with, one thing we can be sure of.
Someone, somewhere in the world would readily jump into our shoes and change places.

I am working on my figure scenes and market places.Feeling the heat and bustle of people working in sunshine, carrying heavy loads of produce and others elsewhere smiling whilst walking with bare feet on sand. Not always  from choice but because they have no shoes.

Looking at the rain right now, after that thought, it doesn't seem so bad!


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