Friday, 27 July 2012

Watercolour Workshops July 2012

Taj Mahal Inspiration
A demonstration from this weeks workshops

I never know where my workshops will lead me because each day is always full of surprises. Artists attending are invited to bring their favourite subjects to paint and work from.  As everyone loves different things my classes see in a huge variety of paintings within the room every day with very different results. Each unique.

Over the last few days I have met the most amazing people who have come to be inspired and yet left me wishing the week could have continued endlessly. At the end of every session we went over the original timing of the day feeding on the gorgeous enthusiasm and fabulous atmosphere.Yesterday was exactly the same because after we should have put brushes down I was still demonstrating and discussing ideas with a fabulous group of people who I would love to meet up with again and soon!

I have painted dogs,sheep,flowers,people,cockerels,landscapes and so many more terrific subjects either as group demonstrations or as one on one tuition showing how I would approach each new subject shown to me. It has been amazing and if I could turn back time I would happily start this week all over again.

I closed yesterdays workshop with an example of layering colour for a landscape,shown above which was inspired by the Taj Mahal. I loved all the questions during each day and  I owe a huge thank you to everyone who attended.

Ines from Portugal ,thank you so much for my wonderful wine which both my husband and I thoroughly enjoyed.

Lori,please keep up the fabulous work,you blew me away yesterday!

Sharon,don't forget those additional punches,only you will understand that comment!

Sally have fun painting your adorable Grandchildren

Lynda,I loved talking to you about my music and how great to meet someone who has seen my favourite singer!

Cath,thank you for all the  suggestions on galleries to visit in London

Maureen,I hope you really do keep painting as well as you did this week!

I could go on as everyone was so terrific, I feel as though I have made a million new friends and its been a pleasure sharing magical moments with you all!

Happy painting until next time.


As I am now working on gallery exhibitions, I am sorry to say that will be my last workshops in UK until next year as my Autumn sessions will be taking place in USA this October. Dates for my exciting new 2013 sessions will be shared on my blog and web site later this year so please look out for details!

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Sophia Khan said...

This is beautiful Jean. Very dreamlike and magical. I am very much looking forward to attending your workshop in NY:)