Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Dog in Art Gallery,Stockbridge,Hampshire,Exhibition 2012

The Stockbridge Gallery
Dogs in Art
Fur, Feathers and Florals Exhibition 2012

Yesterday I visited the Dogs in Art Gallery in Stockbridge,Hampshire,UK to see my latest exhibition "Fur,Feathers and Florals" which runs until 3rd August 2012.

I love this gallery. It is on the High Street of Stockbridge which boasts wonderful shops and restaurants plus a gorgeous tea room which is almost opposite in location. I used to visit Stockbridge regularly to walk my two Bearded Collies along the fabulous river there. The walks in this area are fantastic as the rural setting is peacefully beautiful.

The gallery itself has a wonderfully tempting window dsplay of dog sculptures and I immediately fell in love with this one!

I was over the moon to see my collection perfectly displayed bringing a completely new look with a feel of summer florals, vibrantly glowing cockerels and of course my latest dogs in watercolour.

Everywhere you turn in this gallery there is something unique to catch your attention. It is so well worth a visit so if you are in Hamsphire,UK, please call in to see one of the most amazing of collections of art I have ever witnessed.

I will add to my blog soon sharing more news of the event.

Details and gallery location information can be found on my web site


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