Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Atmospheric Watercolours: A Best Selling Watercolour Book!

I am thrilled to hear that my new book "Atmospheric Watercolours" is quickly becoming a best selling watercolour publication. As much as I loved writing this book and  aiming to make it special for everyone whether they are new or not to watercolour I am  constantly overwhelmed by the glowing feedback I continually receive  from readers who have bought a copy and are enjoying my ideas and techniques.

Thank you so much to everyon who has got in touch with me, who has bought a copy, reviewed my new book or expressed how much they like it via various sources.

You have absolutely no idea how happy you have made me

Thank you so much!


Copies of my book are available in various locations including the Mall Galleries in London and Waterstones Stores. You can also buy my book online from Amazon .com via this link.

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Sharon Whitley said...

ordering from amazon tonight Jean - can't wait to see it, it will be well thumbed through I'm sure x