Sunday, 1 July 2012

Believe : Wise Words

Copyright Jean Haines

I have met some incredible artists  over the last few months. Many new to an art career and many feeling low because they don't think they are getting anywhere and yet they are so talented.

It really does take time to get a name in this career and we all have to remember there are millions of people moving paint brushes all over the world. Many talented and many having travelled this road long before we even placed our feet on it.

My advise has always been to enjoy painting. If you love what you do every second moving your brush is an action that can bring you pleasure. If you are setting out to paint purely in the hope that you will make a fortune or be recognised and welcomed by galleries straight away you could be in for a huge disappointment!

But one thing that will most definitely hold you back is belief in yourself or your own worth. Lack of confidence in any area in life can be so destructive and it isn't always easy to overcome. I speak from experience as I used to be painfully shy. At one point I couldn't talk to strangers and I didn't believe I deserved a place on this earth for a number of reasons. I grew from travelling and I changed over the years. I now confidently demonstrate to rooms full of strangers and often hundreds of people are in the audience. And I love it.

 I keep meeting wonderful new friends from all over the world continually.

I started painting when I was young because I adored creating. I still do and my passion has grown. At times I look back at the quiet child and can't believe she turned into the woman that I am today. I overcame obstacles and turned them nto positives. Lifes hiccups strengthened who I am placing me in a position where I can relate to anyone struggling in their journey.

 I can place my hand on my heart and say if you want it badly enough you will reach your gaols. Whatever they may be.

If I can, you can
Because I am the same as you, no better.

One word


Believe in you

I do



Sliekje said...

Dear Jean,

.... Thank you!!!

Angelique and cats

Lisa Graham Art said...

Thank you for these very encouraging words Jean. It means a lot because I am one of those new artists and when I look around at all the incredible talent in the world I think exactly what you wrote about. I am not sure the world needs more paintings from me. But I enjoy it.

Your owl is awesome. My cat brought an owl in the house last weekend. It was quite the ordeal. I blogged about it two posts back.

PS: Your book looks really's on my wish list. So happy for you and its success!

Christy said...

Thank you Jeanie for speaking to so many of us. A boost of faith and confidence goes a long way!

Christy said...

Thank you Jeanie for speaking to so many of us. A boost of faith and confidence goes a long way!

Angela Fehr said...

One thing I appreciated so much about your book "Atmospheric Watercolours" was your encouraging tone. Your reminders that "you can do it," and "you are in control" have really stayed with me.