Monday, 30 July 2012

Meerkat Mania

Meerkats coming to life from last weeks workshops.

I loved last week. I met incredible people every day on my watercoour workshops and I am still reading  lovely messages by email from artists who attended, who loved each day too.

So for the group who watched and laughed as meerkats started forming in a first wash without any hints of detail here is " Sergei" with his friends in Meerkat Manor. The party has definitely just started as these three meerkats are the first to arrive. How many will make an appearance I have no idea! 

I promised to share a few pieces to keep your brushes moving and to keep you inspired long after the workshop sessions were finished.

I hope you are keeping those exercises at the top of your to do list  and I will continue to share my "inspirations" here!

And to the lovely artist who let me know they missed me when I was away teaching,

I'm back!


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