Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Cadmium Yellow Day

Cadmium Yellow
Adding sunshine on a rainy Day

The rain is  continuing in England. The skies are grey and gloomy and even my dog, Bailey, is less than enthusiastic about going out for a walk.

Today I have opted for painting vibrantly sunny scenes from warmer climates. Figures in bright clothes walking in bustling market scenes have caught my imagination. I have almost heard the music from drums and witnessed dancing ladies swaying with swirling skirts. I have even managed to include ladies balancing baskets on their  heads to larger compositions

In my mind I have been anywhere other than this cool,wet country of mine!

The small face study above was created with W&N Peryelene Maroon,Cadmium Orange and then literally drenched in Cadmium Yellow to one side of the face to draw the head dress into my subject completely.

My studio is  full of energy,life and bright colours.
 In fact Ihave successfuly chased all rain and gloom from my mind via my brushes!

This has to be one of the best advantages of being an artist.You can go where you like,when you want to and how you wish!


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