Wednesday, 4 July 2012

New Owl Collection with new techniques.

Baby Owl from a new collection of owl watercolours

It is incredible how popular my watercolours of owls have now become. Increasingly at exhibitions they are amongst the first of subjects to sell and in doing so are becoming collectible. At the moment my only available owl paintings are in my "Fur, Feathers and Florals" Exhibition which is running at the Dogs in Art Gallery in Stockbridge, Hampshire,UK until 3rd August 2012.

My new collection won't be available until later this year.

I have a friend who has invited me to see baby owls on their land but I have been so busy that I haven't had time to  enjoy their beautiful little faces this year . 
If you are reading this Bridget you can see I am still inspired by one of my favourite bird subjects!

From writing "Atmospheric Watercolours" I have learned that I adore learning. I adore exploring and experimenting aiming to bring more than just a finished image onto paper. I want to capture emotion as well as the personality of the animals or birds that I work on. And I want each piece to be 100% unique. I cannot understand or relish the idea of painting the same subject in exactly the same way repetitively as that would kill my artistic soul.

This little owl is curious and their instinct to hunt is evident in their eyes. But they possess a vulnerability at this young age making them almost seem like prey also.

Life as an artist takes me from one amazing  day to the next. My brushes lead me to new joy and colour lightens my life regardless of the rain outside.

In my mind I have a million ideas to progress with this composotion or begin a new series of owls,all from one painting.

Life is great and I continually look forward to my tomorrows because they are all, always new and exciting!

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