Sunday, 29 July 2012

Atmospheric Watercolours: Book Update 2012

"Atmospheric Watercolours"
My latest book which is selling all over the world.

Yesterday I finally started to catch up with my emails after a weeks teaching of workshops here in UK. I read message after message from readers all over the world who have bought copies of my new book "Atmospheric Watercolours". It was wonderful but  I must confess I am relieved that my face was not filmed because there were moments of sheer joy leading me to huge smiles. And then there were moments where tears ran down may face because of the emotional responses to my book. I would love to share some on my blog but they are far too personal.

I heard I have opened doors to creativity, built confidence in working with a medium some readers had found really difficult to use before, inspired and motivated. I loved hearing from the lady who had not painted for ten years even though they loved creating in the past.There are people who cannot attend workshops because of financial reasons. Several readers have disabilities so cannot leave their homes and say I have  brought a whole new colourful world into their lives. I have had professional artists saying their work was becoming less of a pleasure but now they love painting again. I adored the email from an artist who has recently won a prize and considers my book helped them reach that dream.

I have also been told my book should be in a self help section because of its philosopy,

Messages are flooding in from all over the world and my heart is so touched. I feel overwhelmed because I have genuinely poured my love for watercolour into each page thinking I could give every tip I know away. To be enjoyed, so that should anything ever happen to me my teaching can continue in a book form.

Now I feel I need to say the biggest thank you to everyone who has not only bought a copy but left me a glowing review or taken the time to get in touch. I had shut myself away for quite some time writing this publication as I wanted it to inspire, in ways that I have been over the many years I have been travelling and living abroad.

So a huge thank you to every reader! I owe you so much!


If you would like a copy of my book you can buy a signed copy from my web site or via this link to

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