Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Laughter And Tomatoes!

Tomatoes from a demonstration
Dedham Hall 2012

It is amazing where a workshop day can lead you. Last week I started one of the workshop days at Dedham Hall with a demonstration on colour choices and washes. I  then suggested the artists choose their own subjects either inside the studio or outside  to bring a subject to life. As I wandered around the grounds of Dedham Hall I came across one artist enjoying painting tomatoes near the greenhouse in the garden. At this time of year tomatoes don't always look their best but the clusters of juicy red forms really were vibrant in the sunshine that afternoon. 

On the course, I had been looking at how subjects can connect via colour and how watermarks can be useful in creating interest in a finished composition. I sat on the ground next to the artist painting tomatoes and started playing with colour. I shared two techniques for painting, what seemed like a very simple subject, more interesting. Before long a small group of artists had joined us and also watched as I painted. The conversation flowed as questions arose and for some reason we laughed throughout the short demo. Sitting here at my computer I have no idea how the fun started but it was so wonderful listening to comments from the owners of Dedham Hall later, letting me know how much they had loved hearing everyone on the course having such a wonderful time.

I do love painting seriously for shows and galleries. And I thoroughly enjoy my more serious demonstrations. But there are times in life when painting, for some, can be a struggle. When the thought of moving a brush can be frightening and when expectations of  masterful outcomes can be daunting to the artist less experienced to working in watercolour or on a course for the first time.

We had fun and I loved that day!

First wash for a tomato demonstration
Dedham Hall 2012


Louise if you are reading this blog post please allow your colours to flow energetically and make sure some of your subjects are larger. Cover that white paper with colour and have fun. I hope by now the poppies I gave you have been christened!

Sandra, I think red subjects like tomatoes flowing across paper could really be a fabulous subject for you,have fun with some!

Jennifer, I am still laughing at the duck!

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