Thursday, 6 September 2012

Virginia Water Art Society 2012

Roses from my studio collection

Last night I gave a demonstration to Virginia Water Art Society. I will confess I spent yesterday painting and working on a fabulous new horse racing scene that really was so exciting that I found  leaving it to load my car and drive to the venue almost impossible.  As I reached the motorway I realised there was a hold up which meant I would be delayed in traffic for twenty minutes but finally the roads cleared and I reached my destination.

I was welcomed immediately by society members and as soon as I had set up and the opening speech had been made I  looked at the full room and  began my demonstration which covered how I feel about watercolour, my use of the medium for a variety of subjects from working with washes to jumping in directly with a subject.

At this point a photographer was there from the local press who wished to take a photo of me for the Surrey Herald. For someone who used to hate having their photgraph taken I now seem to pass these situations off with a smile and with ease so I have certainly changed!

As I talked I looked around the room full of enthusiastic faces, all smiling in my direction and at the break, loved listening and answering questions from everyone who came to talk to me or buy cards or copies of my book which I hadn't realised had sold out by the end of the evening.

 I talked about creating watercolours full of interest, life and movement. Soft washes as backdrops for landscapes or portraits that glowed quietly. Textural effects for painting koi carp, sea scenes and cockerels by placing pigment on paper and working with it to develop depth and unique patterns.

Time flew. Before I knew it  the end of the evening had arrived and it was time to close my demonstration and this is where a member of the auidence asked me  how I would paint a rose. With minutes left I quickly  showed my favourite way of painting  these beautiful flowers. Considering it was such a glorious day yesterday it was the perfect end to a perfect evening.

 Summer Roses

The traffic on my way home was quiet so the journey was far shorter on my return but this is where I had time to think about how lucky I am. I adore working in watercolour and private time painting in my studio for galleries is so precious to me. But to be able to escape occasionally and share my love for watercolour with societies such as this one is sheer joy.Where I meet enthusiastic artists all eager to learn about techniques which can be  used in addition to their own styles. The feedback I recieve is often that " I am a breath of fresh air" . I think this is mainly because I do  approach demonstrating differently. I want everyone who watches me to leave the room 100% inspired and racing to paint.I hope the members who were there last night feel that way but as usual I have had the same effect on myself and on my easel right now is probably the best  painting I have ever created because colours flowed and the subject looks mysteriously magical.

And on that note I am going to get back to painting!

By the way I am hearing from so many artists who attended my workshops  this year letting me know they  have won competitions, have been accepted into art societies and are showing in galleries for the first time. This is the kind of news that is music to my ears otherwise there would be no point in holding workshops! My next programme of dates will be available soon but places next year are limited as I have major projects and shows to work on so please book early if you are interested as the waiting list to get on sessions continually grows!


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christiane fortin said...

Congratulations you sure sound happy. When I first watch your video I immediately noticed this love of painting through your art. You are an inspiration and that in itself is success.