Friday, 31 May 2013

Flamenco, Penguins and Fertility Statues ? May Workshops 2013

Flamenco demonstration
May UK Watercolour Workshops 2013 .

What an incredible week. Over the last few days I have held three, very individual workshops in Hampshire UK which were advertised last year. Places booked very quickly and as I am still recovering from my accident in Australia artists saw me entering the venue on crutches to teach. But I was definitely smiling as I knew what the days would involve. What I hadn't foreseen was the International flavour in the room as there were attendees from Thailand, Panama, Ireland and France in the room. Each day was genuinely fantastic.

 The opening session was held especially for artists who have never been to me before. I am finding, over time, that as my courses become more popular places are difficult to obtain for new people who have only just discovered my work. So everyone in the room was new to my teaching style and techniques. It was a brilliant day, I loved the group and the atmosphere in the room. The next day was all about moving subjects and the first dancer of the week appeared in the form of my demonstration study above. Colours flowing with soft and hard edges made the flamenco dancer  quickly come to life on paper. two more watercolour dancers followed the next day as the next group of artists attended my  "The Artist In You" workshop.

There as so much going on in every single session with  not only gorgeous people in the room but high energy, inspirational and motivational moments and of course fascinating subjects appearing from such diverse groups. I was asked how to paint penguins, carnival faces, animals, owls,flowers, landscapes and even a fertility statue which was the most wonderful and amusing short demonstrations.

I adore teaching. I love giving away as much of me as possible with time, tips and  guidance on so many levels. I also see so much talent that is untapped or almost hidden away from the rest of the world. 

I am teaching again in UK in July but my courses are fully booked. I will be sharing information on next years, 2014 workshops later this year and will give details on how to book a place.

For now I haave had such a great week and all I want to do is paint, paint, paint. I hope everyone who came to me this week feels  exactly the same!



gilby said...

Hi Jean,
Many thanks for yesterday it was great day.

Sue Bradley said...

Me too! :-)

Sue Bradley said...

Me too! :-)