Friday, 17 May 2013

Learning To Walk 2013

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Yesterday I saw a specialist as a follow up to the surgery in Australia on my broken ankle. I'm delighted to share the news that I am now out of a wheelchair and on crutches. I listened to advise on what I can and can't do and fully understand that the length of my recuperation depends on me. So today I have been learning to walk , placing weight on my ankle and moving around my garden. It hurts! Each step is uncomfortable but I am going to have to push myself if I am to heal well.

It is a very strange feeling learning to walk again. In many ways I am reminded of learning to paint in watercolour. Everyone told me it was going to be difficult. Facing a blank piece of white paper years ago is similar to my looking at the garden path ahead of me now and wondering if I can make it to where I am aiming for. The thing is, unless I try I will never know.  Each step isn't going to be plain sailing and I may make mistakes in how I place my foot or crutches. Just the same as placing a brushmark or choice of colour in the wrong place which can have less than wonderful results.

But I do know this. Every single effort that I put into learning how to paint in what is classed as the most difficult of mediums has been worth it. And so will be that fantastic feeling of walking again unaided,standing alone and reaching for anything at all without having to ask for help.

I am very independant and also usually very energetic.  Having to slow down right now and think about  my every move is possibly frustrating. Yet there is an inner calm about me which is  quite beautiful. I know I am going to be better but I feel this is a great opportunity time for me to just enjoy nature around me. Absorbing the beauty I see daily and considering where I am heading, not only with my feet but with my art! I can work on my book without interruption or distractions and love being quietly in my studio. perhaps an angl eon my shoulder decided this is where I need to be in my life. Reflecting and looking forward quietly.

I am positive. I am detremined not to have a permanent limp as has been suggested and I am convinced I will be dancing again in heels in the future. Just like I was when I first picked up my brushes. I wanted to master watercolour so badly I never gave up then and I won't give up on my recovery either!

Whatever you are doing and whatever difficulties you may be facing always stop to consider that every single thing that happens to us makes us stronger. Paintings that don't always go right are the ones that teach us the most. Lifes hiccups are just like that.  Their bonus is teaching us to appreciate the smooth times even more. For example I will never take for granted being able to walk in future!

Artist tip for the day? Its' obvious.

Don't give up!
Never, ever give up!

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