Wednesday, 22 May 2013

New Addition To Personalised Brush Set : Its here!

 New Jean Haines Wash Brush!
 In addition to Jeans existing personalised watercolour brush set

I can finally share the news that I  now have a fabulous new  large brush in addition to my existing personalised brush range.  Several artists on my workshops know I have been looking into and working on a project to find the right brush to add to my existing set. It has taken me since some time last year to finally agree on a design and excellent quality to meet my needs.

Why this new brush? I have been finding on my workshops that many new artiss buy cheaper brushes at first. Mainly to find out if they enjoy working in watercolour before investing in high quality art equipment. Often artists will come on one of my sessions and fall in love with my own brushes. Some of which actually cost well over £200, but these have been given to me as samples and for various demonstrations throughout my career. It is far easier to work with the best products and more enjoyable. But I certainly don't expect everyone who paints as a hobby to  part with large sums of money on one brush.  I knew there had to be a way to come up with a design. I wanted to have my name on a large brush that was accessible price wise to the majority of people who paint. And one I would love working with.

So for the last six months I have looked at many prototypes. Unfortunately I wanted the best but I also wanted to sell it at a reasonable price! The time taken in findng the correct brush and materails hasn't been easy. But I am thrilled now because all the work in the design has finally paid off as my new large mop brushes arrived this morning. just in time for  them to be launched at  Patchings on Friday 7th June!

They load well, release well, flow over paper ,spring beautifully and have a blend of hair in the brush mix which is unique.

Keeping my existing brush sets in stock has been difficult as they have become so popular. Not so much by advertising but my word of mouth. It seems that everyone who owns them loves them so quickly recommends them. I have a feeling these new, long awaited brushes will sell out quickly too!

I will share details of prices as soon as this fabulous new brush is launched so please keep an eye on my web site and blog!

It is a beautiful brush and watercolourists are going to love it!


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Anonymous said...

Oh goody, do you have any idea of the price range we can look at? I had a wonderful big brush similar once , but my doggie 'Dancer' decided that he wanted to chew it up. what we give up to love on creatures right?
thank you