Friday, 31 May 2013

Lilac Time

Lilacs coming to life in a vibrant floral wash
I desperaely wanted to paint today.  Having taught workshops all week I found my fingers itching to hold brushes and as the day wore on I just couln't resist  playing with colour. I had taken some lilac into my workshops as subjects to paint. Having brought them home for floral arrangements I noticed they were beginning to droop today. So time was running out if I was to capture them in watercolour.

The blossoms were a pale mauve in colour that didn't make me feel energised so instead I painted my favourite variety which is a deep purple. The whole point of the exercise was to free me up from teaching mode and get me back into the zone for writing and working on my next book.  The rich colours definitely did make me feel good and I now  have a million ideas for my next paintings. Maybe a large vase of lilac next or huge sprays on a lilac tree.

We will see!


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