Tuesday, 21 January 2014

A Touch of Turquoise : Winsor & Newton Watercolours

A "Touch of Turquoise" adding drama to an "elephant" in  watercolour

I read a wonderful email from an artist who loves my work, explaining one of the reasons why is because they "expect the unexpeced" from me. A lovely compliment.  I do love to opt for  the unexpected way of painting favourite subjects and I constantly search for something new in my approach.  Although, sometimes, I do re-visit past techniques as if  I am visiting old friends.

Readers of my first book " How to Paint Colour and Light in Watercolours" may remember my painting of elephants with a touch of turquoise on a mainly  warm golden backdrop. The stunning blue added impact and drama. It is a fantastic technique to add a touch of the unexpected to a familar subject. I opt for strong contrasts when using this technique and it always  works for me.

I have Spring exhibitions coming up so I am currently painting a new watercolour collection. I have been incredibly inspired by the latest chapters of my new book that I am loving working on. I also have my annual " Beating the Blues" workshop next month which is always one of my most exciting and challenging. I am already excited at the thought of what is to come in February. What a great way to feel at the start of the year!

If you are looking for an exciting turquoise shade to experiment with I highly recommend "Cobalt Turquoise Light " by Winsor & Newton. It is a superb pigment that works fabulously on so many subjects. Definitely a  "must have " shade for your palette!

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Angela Fehr said...

W&N Cobalt Turquoise is a favourite of mine, too. I think I started experimenting with turquoise and phthalo blue after reading your book, "Atmospheric Watercolours" and trying new colours was a real breakthrough for me. It's made me more daring and experimental, and I've even won a couple of awards! Thank you!