Thursday, 9 January 2014

Looking Back and Forward : Primroses

Woodland Primroses

I love looking through my files at favourite paintings  I have created in previous years. I have happy memories of where I painted each piece and when. None of my work throughout the year seems as important to me as my flower paintings each Spring, which seem to burst with life  and a glow of  the sunshine to come in Summer months.

I have grown so much as an artist and each year I stretch myself by looking back to where I have come from in technique, with an added sense of excitement as to where I am heading.  I never want to paint a subject and feel " Thats' it, I can do this".  Its' the sense of adventure that fills my heart each time I pickup a brush that I love and the heady feeling when new ideas hit me. Many are doing just that at the moment as I work on my new book.

Spring Inspiration

Whatever you are painting  and at whatever level, always strive to be better as an artist. Never give up , keep searching for that extra special way to create a unique result that makes you love painting even more.

Its' going to be a brilliant year full of fantastic watercolours.

Happy painting!

Favourite primrose watercolour, almost complete.

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