Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Stunning: Spring is Around the Corner

  Narcissi on my easel this morning.

 I love Spring and I know it is on its' way but I am leaping ahead to painting my favourite subjects of  daffodil, narcissi and primroses, as I have Spring exhibitions in April.  The joy of working on these stunning flowers is that there is an added excitement of all the summer flowers to follow. And I learn so much from this work. Every year I look back to see what I did last year to see if I have grown as an artist. I take the good parts of  last years' paintings as my strengths but take time to imagine how I can improve on my style and technique.

In my mind I have an image of a painting of narcissi that I sold in an exhibition last year. It was soft and delicate and from the minute it went into the show I regretted parting with it. Before I could change my mind it had sold o someone who instantly fell in love with the painting . The excitement on their face  is still playing on my mind. When I talked to the buyer they told me my painting had a sense of energy, life and sunshine in it that would always make them feel good when they looked at my piece in their home which is a wonderful thought.

Painting makes me feel good. Some subjects make me feel on top of the world and Spring flowers fall into that category. I only paint them at this time of year and exhibiti them in the Spring. So this is a time of year I really look forward to.

We should make the most of every season as they certainly fly by far too quickly!

Close Up of  my favourite section in my narcissi painting, so far!

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