Sunday, 5 June 2016

I am back!

Foxglove Washes 2016

Oh my word! I feel as though I have been off line and not posting on my blog forever! I am so sorry for being so quiet. I have been dealing with issues that have been so stressful but thankfully now that is past and I can move forward happily to my usual bouncy self. Here I need to say a huge thank you to my close friends who have been fantastic helping me through a difficult few months. Especially my dear friend Anne Skeggs in Thailand.

 I am fine. All is well!

Now for an update on all my news. This last week I have held workshops in UK and they have been fabulous. I count myself so lucky to meet the amazing people on my courses. The week has flown by as always and I am so inspired, desperate to paint but I can't. As I am heading to Patchings Art Festival 2016 , this week coming. I have accepted an invitation by St Cuthberts Mills to demonstrate as a celebrity guest artist each day, that is Thursday, Friday and Saturday. And I will have my own marquee there. This was all planned ages ago and I must admit that when I arranged it I forgot it was a special birthday of mine next week. on June 10th. So over a cup of coffee on the patio this morning my wonderful husband let me know he had wanted to take me to Santorini next week as a surprise for my birthday. I have always wanted to go there but I will be in Nottingham instead. I kno wthats not quite the same thing! As terrific as John is, he is coming up to meet me on Friday night to celebrate my 21st birthday.  ( I have lost count of how many I have had now over the years!)  So if anyone is at Patchings At Festival next week, especially  on Friday, do pop by and say Hi, it will help me get over my not being in Santorini!

You may wonder why I am quiet now? Two weeks today is my youngest sons wedding!  I am so very happy as he has met the love of his life and they are absolutely wonderful. I know my son is going to be so very happy so watching their wedding celebration is going to be hugely emotional.  
Please bear with me until my blog gets back to normal! 

For now I have so much news to share and such little time to share it but I will try to catch up. Several messages have headed my way, and during my workshops this week I was told how much I am missed on my blog. I intend to share more regularly as soon as possible!

Huge hugs to everyone and happy painting!


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