Thursday, 30 June 2016

Delphinium Blues

"Delphinium Blues"
Painted from my cottage garden

It is ages since I last posted on my blog. This is a year that I will never forget for many reasons.
Both of my sons are now married. With weddings only weeks apart.  I have had a book launch and workshops in UK. You can imagine how busy I have been!  Emotionally, not just physically. And summer is definitely flying by. John and I have had several trips to France and will be over again next week for a friends 70th birthday. In fact so much is happening that for the first time in years I have found it rather difficult to race to my studio to paint.

Never in anyones' life has been the timing or title of a book launch so perfect.

"Paint Yourself Calm"

I have had to use my own new book "Paint Yourself Calm" on many occasions recently. Telling myself if I don't have time to paint a serious painting I can at least experiment with calming washes.On some days, I have chosen colours to deliberately calm me and used the techniques from my book have helped so much. Other days, I have chosen colours to energise my soul when things have all seemed too much. It is very rare for me to admit that I needed to be energised or lifted spiritually. But I did.

I love the good friends around me who have helped me. 

Thank you!

There has been a tiny hiccup with my health too which saw John race me to hospital where I was immediatey given an ECG. I am fine but he was right to step in and ignore my plea that I was fine. I AM fine but I had a warning to listen, to needing to rest and now happily I can say my batteries are recharged. Most importantly I am now bouncing around again as normal.

I am lucky. John has been an abolsute rock as always and I am now, back in my studio painting again which is where I find my inner peace! 

Long may this continue!


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