Monday, 6 June 2016

About those Washes

Exciting colourful wash from my warm up exercises this morning

I am keeping a promise. I said I would check up on everyone who has attended my workshops, presentations and courses this year. So how are you doing with your "homework"?

It takes only ten minutes to carry out a few simple watercolour washes each day. And from these colour work outs, repeating one favourite is an ideal way to keep those brushes moving. For readers of my books there are plenty of examples in them to keep you inspired and energised  when working in watercolour.

I am happily carrying out my warm up exercises and I am delighted to share my favourite which is going to be repeated, as close as, twice on two large pieces of new paper now. I am painting foxgloves, breathing life and energy into each piece by creating a colourful first wash adding the background flowers immediately. So that these sections are complete before I add detail to my main flower in the foreground. This is such a heavenly way to work and start each day.

So, have you created any washes today?

And if your answer is no, why not!

Happy painting!



jamiek8 said...

Yes Jean, I wash every day. I do love this loosening up exercise and it is an exciting way to keep learning about colour. I can experiment without being tied to the results. I was stuck the other day and forced myself to use twice as much water as I was comfortable. The results happily blew me away and launched me once again...

Cindy Williams said...

Hi Jean,

I want you to know I have been practicing with washes.

One of my watercolour wash background, I painted a bride on top with pastels. It has SOLD!

I loved your workshop it has given me a new confidence.

I was just practicing different ways I could do a watercolour background and I used clear film like you showed us.

The results were incredible. When they dried, the clear wrapping film had made designs, and I noticed I could pick out some objects I can elaborate on.

I'm so excited about painting now, I cannot thank you enough! I'm soooo happy to have been Abe to the your workshop and be able to have a "one on one training" with you.

You are so kind. I can incorporate this technique on some of my small paintings, you changed the way I paint and the way I see things.


David Ford said...

Hi Jean, yes I have been doing my homework, and have been enjoying it! Thank you for such an inspiring workshop, my confidence in my painting has never been so high. And to watch you paint was magical. David Ford.

Jan Guarino said...

Hi Jean, greetings from Long Island where your washes and blends are a part of every painting I paint and every class I teach. I integrate those concepts into my style of painting and teaching. I don't do washes every day but I DO integrate them into every painting and demo. And I too have done paintings right over my washes without knowing in advance I would be doing that. It is a very enjoyable way to paint and not always have a notion of what will be over that wash. Sending you thanks for your inspiration! XO Jan