Sunday, 5 June 2016

Paint Yourself Calm

Paint Yourself Calm
My new book

I believe in fate. 
I do.
I believe I was given a project to write a new book at a time in my life when I needed to. I have met so many wonderful people dealing with so many stressful situations and trauma on my workshops over the years, and everyone has repeatedly told me they thought my life is perfect. To be honest the first part of my life was not. But that's a whole other story, one not to share here and now on my blog. Neither has this year been stress free. But from today I know it will be.

I was given this title because of the way I write and teach. Also so many people had contacted me telling me how I was changing their lives by how I work and paint, and my publishers knew it was a book ( for me)  waiting to happen. They were right. I was guided to work on this project and I wrote this new publication from my heart not realising that I needed this project or title as much as anyone who would be reading the finished work. I have to admit over the last few months I have found myself testing the exercises within this new books' pages. 
They work. 
They really do and well.

Now my latest book is available to buy and something wonderful is happening. Everyone who has bought early first print copies are contacting me. I am reading incredible messages from people all over the world who have "Paint Yourself Calm" and they love it for so many different reasons. 

I am going to admit that I was worried as this book isn't meant to be a step by step instructional book. Its' focus is on why we paint and how we feel when creating. In fact its' main goal is to use creative time to calm our spirits and lift our moods. I am fascinated by the readers of my new book who completely "get it". They understand. They know this isn't like my previous publications showing technique and how to paint subjects. Its' deeper than that. And by reading every single email I know that my message is understood completely.

Thank you!

I have to say a huge thank you to everyone who has bought a copy of "Paint Yourself  Calm", who loves it and who understands why it was written.

Thank you so very much!

 I too will be painting myself calm now and getting back to the bouncy Jean everyone knows and loves. 

I am back!

Happy painting and lets' all paint ourselves calm


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H.D. Campbell said...

I have this book on pre order at amazon canada and I can't wait to receive it.
I've been though alot in the past two years health wise and I have severe rheumatoid arthritis I've been a professional textile artist for 25 years and sadly I cannot do that work anymore I've lost the use of my left hand however I still at this moment can use my right hand
So I have been getting back into watercolour painting while I still can and I'm sure your new book will help me emotionally. ..sorry for the long post but thankyou Jean for being you xox