Sunday, 26 August 2018

Just do it! Autumn Scene in Watercolour

"Autumn Walk"

Years ago when I first started learning how to paint in watercolour I was trained in how to paint landscapes. The problem was, everyone in the courses I attended were too. Painting exactly the same scene and in exactly the same way. After a while I realised that perhaps I didn't want to be an artist after all. Not if it meant doing what everyone else did. And so for a while I stopped painting. That is until I discovered that art is about being different. Being you. Creating in a way that makes you happy.

But every now and then I return to painting landscapes and at the close of my studio day it is rather nice to throw colour on paper at random. I often choose colours that have been used that day on other subjects. Right now Autumn is approaching so I am drawn to golds and copper shades.  With the scene above I did  a wash first allowing colours to merge. I created a foggy effect by leaving water to do its " thing". Separating pigment and moving it out of the way so beautifully.

I added a few trees by looking at the trees outside my studio window. Then adding fence seemed like a good idea.  Splattering some gold leaves to hint at the Autumn foliage worked well for a distant look. In fact the composition was working really well at this point. I could see an old stone wall in the mid ground area. 

From my classical training I knew something was needed in the foreground to finish the painting. And outside my window I have hog weed going to seed so I added that in white gouache.

Before I knew it the landscape was done and I had relaxed while creating it.

I probably paint so many of these scenes, changing sections or colours but basically they are all the same. Background, mid ground, foreground.  And they are beautifully simple to pull together.

Perhaps you have a scene you could try  in this way? Add a building, mountains.trees in the distance, hedges, branches from above.

But make your work simple.

Most importantly. 

Have fun creating!



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Unknown said...

Beautiful as always.. thank you for sharing!