Monday, 1 November 2010

David Shepherd Wildlife Artist of the Year 2011

 "African Gold"
Finalist in the David Shepherd Wildlife Artist of the Year Exhibition 2010
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This time last year I was asked to  submit work to the David Shepherd Wildlife Artist of the Year 2010 Exhibition. I would like to share my reaction because initially I  thought "Absolutely not!". I have always been an ardent admiere of Davids' work. I adore his masterful techique which not only captures the subject but seems to draw the viewer directly into the scene taking in the atmosphere and surroudings as if they are really there. David knows  each subject so well that the detail is perfectly brilliant. And here am I an artist who paints with so few brushstrokes to capture my subject often in a technique that is almost abstract. I didn't believe my work  would be suitable for the exhibition. How wrong I was!

However I was aware that every single submission fee would go towards helping animals in crisis. 

This is no ordinary exhibition and David is no ordinary artist or human being for that matter. He is passionate about wildlife and in his lifetime has achieved so much way beyond the realms of moving a brush. I am in awe and quite rightly so. 

I paint with passion and I adore animals. I decided to submit. For all the  doubting and nervous artists, take heart! This is done quietly behind the scenes via a simple jpeg so no one even knows you have entered. Yes the wait to hear if your work has been accepted is nerve wracking but part of any terrific show.  I carried on with my hectic art life and began to forget the submission.

But then came the news I had been accepted and  my painting " African Gold" was part of the hundred on show during the exhibition. I was in! Out of hundreds of submissions this piece made it through and I am still thrilled. The judges showed they liked my style, accepted it and included it in the David Shepherd Wildlife Artist of the Year 2010 exhibition. The event and preview was one I will remember for a lifetime as the art was stunning and I was so honoured to be amongst leading and established artists in this field.

What is more important is that I felt as though in a tiny way I was supporting a great mans' mission and goal in life.To help where help is needed for those who cannot ask for help themselves.

How many artists make their living from painting beautiful creatures? How may exhibit and sell because their chosen subject is so appealing galleries accept their paintings and clients buy them? What better way to thank all of these incredible life forms by supporting an exhibition that does more than showcase talent. We owe these animals in so many ways.

I  will be promoting the David Shepherd Wildife Artist of the Year 2011 exhibition by telling everyone I know about how to submit and I will be encouraging all artists to join in.

The WAY exhibition is open for submissions right now and you can read more about the event via this link.

Please help me by telling every artist you know or art organisation about this exhibition. Let's make  2011 a record year for helping those in the animal kingdom who can't ask us to help them. Wildlife that helps us as artists on so many occasions.This is one exhibition and submission date we shouldn't ignore. If this isn't our area for painting we do know others who could be interested. Let's spread the word so that everyone is aware.

Thank you and good luck with your submission!


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Wow! Amazing work! Congratulations!