Friday, 19 November 2010

Snowdrop Challenge

Simple Snowdrops

I have a feature in the recent issue of Paint magazine by the SAA,Society for All Artists. The simple demonstration is a step by step on how to paint snowdrops in a very easy way by painting the background first using negative space to form flower heads. An interesting background in a vibrant or soft mix of  blue or violet sets the scene for a col atmosphere.

Soft and hard edges throughout the piece gain a sense of the flowers moving.

It is such a simple challenge that can easily be adapted to many subjects with a variety of colour and technique.

Readers of the SAA Paint Magazine are invited to forward their own paintings of snowdrops following the demonstration to be included in a future issue of the magazine. I am really looking forward to seeing the interpretations of my demonstration.
Water being sprinkled over salt  application for a greater pattern effect when dry.
Whilst many artists sprinkle salt on wet sections of pigment I also enhance the effects by water application techniques which have evolved since writing my second book.


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