Tuesday, 2 November 2010

The Excitement builds! Workshop Mania!

"Beating the Blues"
February 2011

The excitement really is mounting as a terrific number of messages are coming through by email requesting workshop places for 2011. The thrill of something special to look forward to has begun. It is so fantastic to know everyone is eager to hear about next years sessions and even more thrilling to know it feels like Christmas with many gifts to give away in the form of new techniques for each session on a number of subjects.

If I repeatedly taught the same  thing over and over again I too would fall asleep so each year brings new workshops, new subjects and  on top of that new ways to paint familiar subjects . The exciting  "Beating the Blues" workshop in February is a must  for all who love exploration. A full material list will be given beforehand to ensure a fabulous day.

The programme  for 2011 will be sent out this week so please don't worry if you haven't heard anything yet.  Please don't forget to book early as with many of my workshops they are always  full well in advance.


I am very tied up with my gallery and exhibition schedule at the moment so please look forward to receiving information and  further details from Christine who is managing next years courses.

For full information  if you wish to be added to my workshop/ mailing list please contact


Thank you so much  for all the lovely email messages regarding last weeks sessions. I have been so  touched to read and hear how much they were enjoyed. This makes me determined to make next years even more fantastic. See you then!


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