Sunday, 21 November 2010

Time to Reflect

What will be, will be 
Unfinished watercolour, work in progress

The amount of work on my shoulders seems to increase daily.  As fast as I meet one deadline a new one approaches. I continually accept new projects and exciting opportunties that come my way.

This morning I look back at a week where I have prioritised the deadlines. A magazine feature was important and needed to be completed to a level where I could look forward to seeing it in print. I have been in touch with galleries who have sold my work and discussed new collections that will be available  in 2011. I have been amazed at how fast my workshops have filled for next year to the point I know I will be yet again turning down requests for places until the Autumn dates become available.

My career seems to be moving faster than I ever expected but behind the scenes quietly I am using my art in a way that I feel enriches my life most of all. 
By giving.

I have been working on one event that will be an evening to remember,where the prizes are all original art but placed in an auction that will raise funds for a very special charity. The event is taking a lot of  my time but one particular phone call from a sponsor left me with no doubt that this is time very well spent.

Not a day goes by where I am not thankful for my life, my health, my sight, my ability to use both hands, my family, my friends,the love constantly surrounding me from so many sources, my home,the beauty of nature and the wonderful people I meet. I could go on for hours on all the ways I am blessed.

If I could have one wish this Sunday it would be that every single person in the world could feel as happy and loved as I do.  I wish that everyone from the elderly to the tiniest child could have security, homes and support from all who know them. I hate to think of anyone being lonely, poor, starving, ill or with no help when they need it.

Sunday is a day to take time out and realise how lucky we are. 

"What will be, will be"


Roy The Artist said...

What a warm and encouraging post! You didnt mention what the charity is though Jean.

wanda miller said...

Oh my goodness...your work is so wondrous and then this post...that speaks volumes of heartfelt love and gratitude...ALL beautiful (for lack of more descriptions). thank you!

June Walker said...

I love your watercolour work!!