Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Stockbridge Gallery, Dogs in Art , Hampshire

"Beardies Three"
Original Watercolour as a work in progress.

Stockbridge Gallery
Dogs in Art
Hampshire, U.K.

I am delighted to share the news to all dog lovers that my watercolours on this favourite of subjects can now be viewed and purchased at the incredible Stockbridge Gallery "Dogs in Art" in Hampshire, U.K.

Since writing the series on " How to Paint Dogs in a Loose Style" and holding " Painting Dogs in Watercolour Workshop"s  my paintings covering so many breeds have become really popular.  My passion for painting mans' best friend began when I was a child. I was never allowed to own a pet at that time so escaped into owning one by creating many with colour instead. Eventually I had my first pet, a wire haired fox terrier who really was a cute little character full of life and determination. Since then I have owned all kinds of breeds including rescues from China and fallen in love with the Bearded Collie who is constantly by my side while I work in my studio. 

I always aim to capture the essence of all subjects but with dogs I want more than that. I want to capture their personality and features in a way that really does create a sense of emotion from the viewer of my finished pieces.

To walk into the " Dogs in Art" Gallery in Stockbridge is really heaven for all dog lovers.The art is  breathtakingly fantastic with all mediums and styles on show from realistic in oil to exciting pastel. Many pieces immediately touch your heart, many make you wonder at the talent of such masterful artists to have such perfect detail in each breed they portray.

I adore dogs and this is a gallery I will be visiting often.  My own dog Bailey will  be delighted when each new collection is ready to be shown as here is one location he can travel with me to and have a delightful walk in gorgeous countryside when my meetings are completed. 

Don't miss the gallery Christmas show !


Please look out for news and more dog related events in 2011 including

" How to Paint Dogs in a Loose Style" 
Watercolour Workshop, February 2011


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