Friday, 4 November 2011

October Watercolour Challenge 2011 Deadline

My blog has fallen quiet because this week has been more hectic than usual. But I just wanted to remind my blog followers that the deadline for submitting  your lion painting in Autumn colours for the October Watercolour Challenge with a prize of one of my palettes and  a favourite  watercolour shade is at midnight on the 5th November so by Sunday the  deadline will be closed.

I have received so many wonderful paintings and I am thrilled with the response. What has hit me so evidently is that working from a monochrome photograph has really captured the imagination of many artists and it will be a fascinating experience sharing all the favourite paintings later this month.

Thank you so much to everyone  who has  forwarded your lion watercolours and if you are still planning to time is beginnig to run out!

Happy painting!


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