Monday, 7 November 2011

Watch The Birdie

 First and Second wash,waiting for the finishing touches. 
Working minus a preliminary sketch as always.

The beginning of the week is always my best time to paint. I feel exhilarated and eager to move my brushes. Today I have been working on two upcoming exhibitions and a fabulous new collection is already beginning to take shape. I am thrilled and cannot wait until tomorrow when I will be positively racing into my studio to work. I can't help but realise how lucky I am to type those words.

How many people in this world can honestly say they can't wait to work!

The workshops I held recently really sparked the already lit "on button" for enthusiastic painting but completing my new book over the weekend has also pushed my approach to many new subjects  with fresh eyes and wonderful new colour combinations.

I always wind down at the end of a painting session with something just for fun or  sometimes to share with an artist who has been on one of my workshops. Recently a really terrific lady brought in some beautiful resource images to work from during one of my Autumn workshops. During each of my sesssions I aim to give as much personal tuition as possible so that everyone attending can leave with ideas to work on when home. I didn't get a chance to work very far with this chaffinch demonstration so here it is hoping the artist can gain some further techniques to master from the personal beginning I gave in class.

I had fun painting this little study which I will complete tomorrow although it is now coming from my imagination more than a particular image. We are feeding the wild birds daily since the temperature has started to drop for winter. Already we are noticing how greedy some species are becoming. It is a few weeks now since a chaffinch has visited us so this painting will have to keep me going until they return!

If you were in the classes you may remember the hawthorn berries we painted?  I have decided to add some to my painting of this little bird as a background. No exercise is ever without value at a later date and pulling everything  you have seen in one workshop can be quite interesting.


Watercolour Workshops UK 2012

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My next exhibition will be in France  starting in December 2011 and I will be sharing news on this event very soon.


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