Saturday, 6 October 2012

Charity Painting 2012

Nude painting for a charity auction in November 2012

 I am currently working on my painting for a charity auction which will take place in Novembe in aid of the Judi Meadows Memorial Fund. I was invited to donate a painting when the first  auction took place and feel honoured to be included for the new event.

Such a lot has happened since the Judi Meadows Memorial Fund was first created, in my own life and with the charity. I am so proud of Amy, Judis daughter who is achieving so much in loving memory of her mother in a way that will positively help others.

People come into our lives and leave lasting impressions. I lost my closest friend some years ago to illness and her daughter, Jo, and I have been in touch since that emotional time. Jo is a very special girl in my eyes and always has been. Jo introduced me to Amy and I heard about Amys sad loss.

So my painting is in memory of a wonderful woman who should be here today, who should be  enjoying her grandchildren and life. So many people leave this world far too early to illness but for some staying here is too difficult.  If there is a way to reach out and make a difference then I really want to help.

I will post more information as soon as I can but for now above is the almost finsihed painting I will be donating. A piece I need to complete before I leave for  USA.


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Sergio DS said...

I love this watercolor, it´s amazing.