Sunday, 7 October 2012

Fennel Seeds 2012

Fennel Seeds in Misty Morning Light

There is something  exquisitely magical about waking to a misty morning where everything is softened in a rural landscape. It is almost like having an art lesson from mother nature as she takes away half of each subject. So that we really can see a loose painting come to life right in front of our eyes without even thinking about it.

In our garden I have enjoyed tall fennel plants towering above all the vibrant summer flowers. Its' structural shape has been tempting my brushes continually but until now I hadn't had time to paint them. I woke this morning determined to pack for my trip to USA and found it impossible to resist the urge to move my brushes. I truly am a watercolour addict!

I am delighted with the result as it is just what I saw in my mind before I started creating. Some of the seedheads are now incomplete due to the timing of the season. The imperfect sections make the more perfect sections look  even better.  Isn't that just like a successful watercolour painting? There will always be a favourite section that you love in your work but it is often only standing out because of the backdrop you have provided.  In life they say nothing is perfect and I agree. A few imperfections add to beauty not detract from it.

I am desperate to paint a huge fennel seed painting now but that should wait until I have at least started packing for my trip to USA which starts this week!

Have a wonderful weekend,



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Beatriz Abel said...

Hermosa palabras, y un placer disfrutar de sus acuarelas, buen viaje

Gexton said...

It looks really amazing!! I have to try it!! Thanks for sharing :-)
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fennel seeds