Friday, 2 November 2012

Hurricane Sandy, New York Trip 2012

 Colour draining from Manhattan this week due to Hurricane Sandy.

My blog has been quieter for longer than I expected, as I have been stranded in New York due to Hurricane Sandy. I was teaching there the day before the storm hit and only got back home last night, which was really lucky as the only flights home offered to us initially had been next week.

I have had a fantastic time in Texas and New York and will share my news later but for now my thoughts are with everyone so very badly hit by this storm. I have heard stories that are heartbreaking, hugged complete strangers who have had to move out of their homes and  I have heard about lives lost. Many people have been evacuated from their homes with no clue as to when their lives will be anything near normal again. The damage to some areas is unbelievable.

My main personal concern has been getting home but I had a home to return to. Many people this week will not. Please think of them right now. This hurricane is an experience I would never wish to repeat but I will be returning next year to USA  with more watercolour workshops so please follow my blog or keep an eye on my web site for news.

And to everyone I met on my travels, I love you , miss you and am so happy I had the chance to speak, not type, to you and share my passion for watercolour!

I am tired and emotional after the last few days and definitely needing a rest.

I have just given an interview with BBC TV so will be on South Today tomorrow in the lunch and evening news again this week. Bailey who had just  come home from kennels insisted on being interviewed too!

Best wishes,its good to be home.


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Mick Carney said...

Clearly not an experience you'll ever forget or wish to repeat.