Monday, 19 November 2012

Autumnal Inspiration

Rosehips from my garden today

This morning as always I took my dog, Bailey, for a walk. As the light was so beautiful I took my camera hoping to gain some beautiful Autumnal images. The golds from the oak tree leaves falling are creating the most miraculous of carpets on the ground, in the woodlands and country lanes. But even before we set off I was drawn to the rosehips in our garden. They are simply stunning this year. I couldn't wait to race home to paint them but my Mondays are now my administration day. And it has been hectic.

I have been liasing with Australia regarding an opportunity to hold a workshop there next year. I have also written a feature in the form of an interview for a magazine. I sadly had to decline a few invitations to demonstrate in 2013 because I am already heavily commited  next year. So my brushes lay patiently waiting for me to pick them up. 

This image has stayed in my mind all day and I just had to share it, because even as a photograph it teaches so much about art. Look at how the light plays on each hip? I see these sections as white paper but each highlight is unique in shape. When I hold workshops artists often paint every single  highlight on a cluster of berries exactly the same.

We can learn so much from nature if we truly open our eyes and observe!

Happy Painting!


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