Monday, 12 November 2012

Sunningdale Art Society Workshop 2012

Victoria Plums WIP

It  is quite funny how my botanical past is catching up with me on recent workshops. In New York I demonstrated how to paint damsons in a "one on one" session with an artist on my workshop there . I loved the very quick demonstration which led to a finished painting in minutes.

Last Saturday I made my way towards Ascot and the Sunningdale Art Society where I was the invited guest artist to give a weekend workshop. I had a fabulous time meting and talking to members there. I started the day with my usual workshop opening and then by the afternoon everyone was raring to go on their own individual subjects. There was just about everything you could think of  as a subject from a nude, a red squirrel, autumn leaves, dogs, cats and flowers.  I loved the variety in the room and one of my favourite demonstrations was the branch of Victoria plums above which even as a half finished piece looks fascinating due to the selection of colour and form.

I do so love visting so many art societies and I am so  lucky to be continually invited back. This was my second visit to Sunningdale and I have just opened a wonderful email asking me back for a third time!

To all the members who came, I hope you are  having a ball painting and don't ever forget to be unique!

Best wishes

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Lin said...

LOVE the plums, Jean!!! Wonderful flow of color ...!!! And it so reminds me of NY!! I don't think I'll ever see a plum again without thinking of you!