Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Remembrance Day Poppies 2012

Remembrance Day Poppies
(This will be in a gallery this week with  proceeds going to the British Legion)

Growing up with my Grandparents I often heard stories from my Grandfather, of how he was in the war. He would show me photographs if him riding oi a splendid uniform on a stunning horse. As a little girl this didn't mean very much to me but as an adult the full impact of him being on horseback at that time hits me very hard. He gave for his country and  never questioned  his duty to serve.

I would love to  continue to believe that one day there will be world peace and that those who gave their lives so long ago did so for a purpose. Many people from all walks  of life are still giving selflessly in order that others may live in peace.

Every year I aim to paint a watercolour of a poppy. This year my watercolour is of a row of gloriously red flowers connecting through flowing colour as we unite across the world in the hope of peace one day. And recognition for  all who are in service now and who have been in the past.

It will be Remembrance Day this month and we shouldn't forget.



Lorraine Rimmelin said...

Beautiful words to remind us of the great sacrifice men and women from all over the world gave to us. Stunning painting, I was touched by the one gentle tear running down. It represented the sorrow many of us share in loosing a loved one to the ravages of war <3

Firenze said...

Hello Jean - I have shared your Poppy Photograph on my Facebook page, and linked it back to you. I hope you won't mind.
Your painting is truly evocative and, I hope, will remind everyone that sees it, of a time when the sheer waste of those lives was condoned. Thank you. Helen