Friday, 30 November 2012

Learning from Nature Novenber: 2012

Frost on Leaves
A beautiful abstract composition

This morning I woke to a very enthusiastic Beardie who just couldn't wait for his morning walk. As I looked out of my window I saw the ground was covered in the most beautiful frost. It was as though someone had lain icing over our garden overnight, creating the most beautiful of sights.

I grabbed Baileys lead and my camera and headed out to the countryside that surrounds our cottage. It was a fantastic walk. Everywhere I turned I could see possibilities for new paintings. The autumn golds that I love so much have been gradually disappearing as the trees lose their leaves. Now the sky carries an incredible hue which in turn casts fabulous light changes on the fields and grasses.

Returning to my studio I cannot wait to paint and as Bailey is now tired I may be able to do so in peace! I love owning a dog. The bond we share enriches my life daily but without him I doubt I would have  seen such beauty this morning. 

Baily with his ball on the icy grass this morning.

 We learn so much when we are not at our easel. We observe. The added bonus of the break along with fresh air can give such a boost to studio time and fuel much needed inspiration that can be lacking if we don't go out.

Have a great weekend and happy painting!


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