Sunday, 2 December 2012

The Best Of Nature

Fox in snow
Photograph taken in my garden last year

It has been an amazing week.This morning I spent time in my studio quietly working. As I looked through my window, at the frost outside, I saw the most beautiful fox. It stopped and gazed at me for a moment before  continuing its' walk around our garden. It then returned to my studio and sat outside, almost asking to come in out of the cold. This ,naturally, had to be the one and only morning I had left my camera in my cottage! All I could  do was sit and admire it. Its' colouring was magnificent and its eyes really shone in the early morning light.  Now I have a painting in my mind which I hope to capture when I have time.

However, time is precious for me this month with so much planning ahead for neaxt years workshops and exhibitions. I will be travelling to Australia in April 2013 and may possibly be giving a workshop in Hong Kong on my return to Europe. I have trips to Morocco and Spain planned and I will be holding workshops again in Texas and New York in Autumn. My 2013 UK workshops are fully booked  and as I am hoping to start writing again, the time I have free will be spent on a new project and my exhibiton collections.

I have given several magazine interviews which will be published next year and I will share  more news in other posts. For now I am enjoying the last month of December with the joy of a new trip approaching which is research for my next years subjects.

My life is never boring but today, as it is Sunday I am going to take a well earned break to enjoy this  incredible  scenery while I can!

 My morning walk today, isn't the beauty of nature incredible?


I would like to add a huge thank you to artists taking part in my robin challenge to raise fundss for  Cancer Charities. I have been  inundated with emails and I didn't expect such a huge response. Thank you so much! I hope to share more soon!

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Sharon Whitley said...

Oh what a lovely post - people so often are so engrossed with their busy lives that they forget to stop and look at the beauty that is around us - I know you don't do that but many do and I think if more people stopped and appreciated just how beautiful and amazing nature is the world would be a much better place! I was so lucky to be up in the mountains of Snowdonia in the snow on Friday, it was absolutely beautiful up there and not many people about but everyone I met was just in awe of the surroundings and so happy to be up there!