Monday, 17 December 2012

Marrakech : December 2013

In Marrakech, December 2013

I have just returned home from a fabulous trip to Marrakech. It really was such a fabulous  break. The sun was warm and the skies so blue. Walking around the souqs fed this artists imagination for paintings next year. My workshops are going to be rather unique with the fantastic new subject material and colour combinations at hand now.

I have eaten in wonderful restaurants enjoying beautiful Moroocan food, smelt the heady aroma of spices and seen fishmarkets galore on the coast with figure scenes that  cried out to be  caught in watercolour.

My enthusiasm is now even higher if that is possible and I am dying to get  working in the peace of my studio but my dance moves while I work will possibly now be more Morrocan than before I left!

While I was there I was invited to hold a Morrocan Watercolour Workshop. Now that would be interesting!


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