Friday, 7 December 2012

The Christmas Gift of Love

"Mans Best Friend"
Painted with love in the same way that my book was written .
With love.

I read an email this morning and had to take a few moments to allow the content to sink in. The message was thanking me for my latest book because it had been so inspirational in the readers life and their own art journey.  Then I opened a second email from Malaysia and again my heart was  touched with the warmth in the words the message contained. I find it amazing that I am reading wonderful messages daily now from all over the world. All from people who are reading and loving "Atmospheric Watercolours". I am overwhelmed. And in a way lost in how to say thank you to everyone who is taking the time to write to me.

Firstly, I should explain. I am not anyone special. I never have been or ever will be. I don't see myself as a celebrity or famous artist although I keep meeting people who try to tell me I am. I truly am not. There are far more talented artists in this world who are more deserving of that title. I really am just someone who loves working in watercolour so much ; it has changed my life and brought me to a career that I am 100% passionate about. I want others who would like to paint to enjoy their art journey as much as I am enjoying mine. And that is why I write.

I shared my personal journey in an interview this week which I will share a link to on my blog when it is published. By answering a few of the questions raised I had the chance to look back at my life. I can smile now at being a small, skinny child with bright red hair who was always wearing overly large clothes. that I was to supposed to grow into. I was teased so much at that time in my life and wanted to look like everyone else. I would have given anything for brown or black hair.  And it would have been wonderful to not be so shy. I was painfully quiet and withdrawn.  Art ,even then changed my life. I could draw happy subjects that made me feel good as an escape. It was a form of therapy where I could lean on colour to lift my spirits.

Years later I travelled and when ever I was in a new country I would settle through art again. Either meeting other artists to paint with or going to classes where I could learn from masters. This led to my eventually teaching. The one thing that I find incredible is that on my workshops I  often meet people who have no idea how talented they are. Who have the capability of furthering their own careers but don't know how.  I meet people from all walks of life outside my workshops who believe they cannot paint because they think they have no artistic gifts.

I wrote "Atmospheric watercolours" because painting in watercolour makes me feel incredible. The excitement of facing each new piece of white paper is a heady high I will never tire of. I wanted others to feel this way too. Able to get to a happy place by the touch of a brush. I desperately wanted everyone to know their dreams,whatever they are, can come true. So I wrote a book from my heart trying to include every possible tip I could give. Feeling as though every page or chapter would be like opening the best of Christmas presents for each reader.

What I didn't foresee was the response I would get in return. When you give from the heart you don't set out to receive. You just want to give and freely. I truly am overwhelmed by all the wonderful feedback coming my way. My heart is touched to the point where I have been in tears by reading some of the messages I have opened and read quietly in my studio.

So, from this non famous artist, a huge thank you to everyone who has written to me or who has bought a copy of my book. I am  over the moon it is selling so well and becoming so popular and if I could do anything to show my gratitude for everyones' positive reaction I would.

But I do have an idea. I can show you how much your thanks mean to me by writing another book that will inspire on a whole new level. And that will be my next dream to come true.

For you.

Thank you.



Polly Birchall said...

You are very modest.If I see several paintings I can pick yours out straight away. For anyone who loves the freedom of wet in wet watercolours, your work is outstanding. Not all artists are willing to pass on all their knowledge, and for that this keen amateur artist thanks you.


La mirada de este precioso perro va directamente al corazón.

Catherine McCoy said...

Jean hello from Ontario Canada. I was at the AGO (art gallery of ontario) in Toronto yesterday and bought your book. Then sat up until 2:00 AM absorbed in your instruction. It was all i could dream about so I was up by 7:00 AM trying the brush techniques in the bridge picture. I LOVE the results and so excited that i really CAN do this! Thanks so much for sharing with us!
Catherine McCoy

Antonio Sánchez Serrano said...

Preciosa realización de este retrato canino. Enhorabuena