Sunday, 30 December 2012

Christmas 2012

Cottage Cheer,
Christmas Cards sent with love

The lead up to Christmas felt as though I was in one of my now popular horse racing scenes with me desperately racing towards the finish line of  having beautifully wrapped presents under the tree and a kitchen full of  tempting goodies to eat, in time.  The image above is a window of my cottage adorned with cards. I have run out of space to put the many we received this year and my dog Bailey has thoroughly loved waiting for the postman to arrive each day!

Bailey in snow

I keep thinking about all of the wonderful people I keep meeting due to my love of watercolours. Not a day passes where I don't open an email letting me know how someone has enjoyed my books or DVDs and it may surprise you to learn that each message makes me feel totally in awe of this world that connects so easily by the internet. Warmth and kindness in enthusiastic  comments from all over the world flood towards me from my computer screen and I find it totally magical. As this time of year always is.

Christmas Mince Pies

This week my artistic side has been connected with creating in the kitchen rather than with a brush in hand. Wonderful aromas from home made mince pies, cranberry suaces and stuffings have filled our countryside cottage and my plans came together for the festive season I realised that everything about Christmas is similar to a painting.

You plan in advance by buying ingredients such as gifts to wrap or recipe ingredients.This links with your art materials as having exactly what you need helps achieve the best results. Then after the preparation is in hand you need the skill to  cook, know if you have the right gift or how to paint your masterpiece.

Somehow it always magically comes together but my main ingredient in everything I do sounds corny, but it is love. I adore buying gifts for friends and family. I am at ease in my kitchen experimenting with new recipes and as everyone knows, I am passionate about being in my studio.

I was once told as a child that food always tastes better if you love the person you are cooking for. I think its the same with painting. If you love creating, the outcome has to shine more than if you are painting as if it a chore.

But this isn't a time to be serious as a new year approaches.

On my last Sunday in 2012 I am hoping you had a wonderful Christmas and that all your dreams will come true in 2013. And as the Midnight hour gets closer on New Years Eve  try a Celtic superstition that I grew up with. Think of all those you love and make the best wish possible at midnight for them. Those good wishes will come back at you, doubled. I must have made far too many good wishes last year as 2012 has been  stunningly fantastic for me! It is best to bear in mind that unpleasant or bad wishes magically stay with you and treble too so please be careful!

Make a wish and I hope it comes true,

Happy Christmas and an even Happier New Year!!!

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