Monday, 17 December 2012

"Atmospheric Watercolours" Great Christmas Gift

"Atmospheric Watercolours"

When I wrote "Atmospheric Watercolours" I aimed to include many tips  for readers to enjoy when working in watercolour. are so many ways of working in this medium. Often the smallest hint on how to include backgrounds in subjects, texture effects or even how we think when approaching a painting can drastically change our results.

I am so thrilled with all the fantastic comments coming my way from people all over the world who are enjoying my book. It makes all the time put into creating it worthwhile.

While I was so busy writing, giving away  my tips and hints I felt as though each chapter could be like opening a Christmas present when it was read. But I never imagined all the joy in giving then would later come back in my direction, from readers who have bought "Atmospheric Watercolours" and are enjoying it so much. These replies and messages have made my own 2012 Christmas so magical and I am really grateful for the time taken in letting me know how much my work is enjoyed.

There is no point in loving anything we do in life unless we can share that joy. And my life is rich because of the people in it and readers like you.

Thank you so much.


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