Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Italian Influences!

Venice In Watercolour
On my Easel waiting to be completed

I know everyone is expecting me to be sharing robins or even cockerel paintings at the moment but right now I am working on huge landscapes. The above painting is a smaller version of a large piece that has captured my heart today. I am in love with the Cerulean Blue pigment of the upper part of the architecture whilst a mixture of pinks give a warm glow to the facade. I am trying to avoid too  much in the way of  tiny detail in too many sections. Mainly as I do not  want to lose the spontaneity of the piece. Spontaneity which I could easily miss out on if I used a preliminary sketch!

There is so much life in this and a feeling of energy which is amazing considering I am working on a building. And so after working on the floor with this painting, I placed it on my easel to photograph and I now cannot wait until tomorrow to continue with this theme.

Whatever you are doing today I hope it makes you feel as happy as I do right now.

I heard "Atmospheric Watercolours" , my latest book is to be published in Italian next year so I am thrilled!

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