Saturday, 3 November 2012

Judi Meadows Memorial Fund Art Auction 2012

The Judi Meadows Memorial Fund
Art Auction 2012

There is a reason I was so desperate to get back to UK from my USA trip. I had promised to donate the above watercolour of a nude to the Judi Meadows Memorial Fund Art Auction  and hadn't had time to take it in for framing before I left for my book signing tour in America. I thought I would have plenty of time on my return.

But of  course Hurricane Sandy interrupted my plans and I was not only stranded in NY but unable to deliver my painting to the charity.  From New York I was able to arrange the collection of one of my horse racing scenes from a gallery instead but the thought that Judi herself loved paintings of nudes has been playing on my mind. As the days went by I became even less optimistic that I would be home in time to donate this piece and it was so important to me to do so. For Judi, Roger and Amy.

The good news is that I am now back in UK, have managed to take the painting for framing and it will be online for auction as soon as possible. As well as my horse racing scene which I am keeping in the auction. You can look at this link to see my work already on the web site for online bidding amongst many other generous artists work.

Amy, the daughter of Judi is doing such a great job in the name of her Mum and I wish her such great success in her mission to help others.

Thank you to  everyone who is helping or making bids.

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