Saturday, 17 November 2012

That Time of Year

Robin in progress

I am sure everyone reading my blog expected me to say that it is that time of year again when we think about Christmas. Wrong! Last night was the annual Children In Need event and people raised over twenty six million pounds to help children. Celebrities and non celebrities joined forces in a superb effort to raise smiles while working  towards one goal. Improving the lives of youngsters. I cried, smiled laughed and without a doubt  realised how lucky I and my family are and have been.

One little girl on this years Children In Need show caught my attention and touched my heart. She has cancer and is so inspirationally brave. I wondered how on earth I could help a child like her who should never have to suffer in the way that she has. Maybe you, as a reader of my blog, could help me.

What if we all painted a robin, red being the colour of love and donated it in any way we can so that the funds raised can go to a cancer Charity? What do you think?

So my next blog post is how to paint a robin. My free step by step to you, but you must promise me to either teach the painting to others and raise funds in an art class or sell your robin painting in aid of a cancer charity.

By uniting  for Children in Need so much was gained.

Lets unite with our  paintbrushes!

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Mike said...

What a great idea, Jean. My new goal for the week will be to find a cancer charity auction or sale, and donate a painting based on your step-by-step demonstration.